I am a young graphic designer who loves to draw all kind of stuff. 

I was born in Halberstadt and grew up in a beautiful town called Esslingen am Neckar in Germany. Since i my childhood i love to draw. My passion started with drawing cats and comic characters. Now i create my own characters with their little world build around them. In the future i want to focus more on graphic novels and books for children. I am now living in Biberach an der Riß in south Germany starting my dream to work as an freelance illustrator.

     Hugs and kisses,


hi i am shikari,

...but what does "shikari" mean ?

It has actually two different translations. Both are really important to me. Years ago when i was looking for the best pseudonym for me being an artist i wanted something cool and strong.

In Hindi, it means Hunter.

In Japanese, it means something like "pull yourself together" or "keep going". I really like this translation because i it is a reminder for myself. This is how "shikari" looks written in katakana: シカリ. Now you can see where i got my logo idea.